Ever-increasing demands and expectations are putting immense pressure on start-ups and small businesses to get it right.

What do you need to know? What should you have oversight of? 

It is impossible to know where to start, even if you have the time to do all the research required. 

Enter 360insights.online’s revolutionary 360° Profiler

             The 360insights.online profiler helps start-ups and small businesses with:

  1.  360 peripheral vision;
  2.  helps watch your back;
  3. cuts to the chase of what’s important;
  4. addresses areas you may not have thought of;
  5.  lets you know that you are not alone;
  6. indicates where to best allocate limited resources;
  7. rapidly increases business knowledge;
  8. offers a more informed decision-making process;
  9. compliance documentation at your fingertips;
  10. gives you 360 control of your business;

Currently under development, this exciting cloud-based solution took 4 years of focused analysis, program implementation and testing, and 25+ years specialising in the management of business risk, reduction, elimination and solution development and implementation. 

With over 20 Categories, 30 Classes, and 360 points of interest, this revolutionary and easy-to-use profiling program does a deep-dive into a business’ current state-of-play.

The profiler gives a comprehensive overview of the start-up and small business landscape for the individual business.

Cutting to the chase, the program helps owners and managers have better vision of the unique strengths and challenges of their start-up or small business.

As a thank you your business will receive a free 360insights.online Deep-dive, valued at $495 (once launched).

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