Pandemic Planning small business

Screaming into a cyclone

I am not sure about you, but I am feeling left of centre, adrift on a ginormous wave without a flotation device and no land in sight.

Being proud of having a keen interest in pandemic planning, focusing on asset management exceeding 2 decades, I am fascinated by how I am dealing with the current situation both intellectually and physically. This is particularly poignant given I have had a very long time to prepare for an eventuality that I always knew would arrive.

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Shenanigans free zone

Join me in thanking our politicians and bureaucrats for not behaving like politicians and bureaucrats. We are living in a shenanigans free zone.

The bipartisan approach to the current situation has shown that statespersons do in fact exist. It is to their credit that our Australian leaders and experts have come together to seek creative solutions to take us through the challenges associated with Covid-19 and prepare for recovery.

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