360insights.online was founded by Leanne Bicknell after she identified that:

‘Over 90% of SME and start-up owners I talked to have little or no money, are time poor and are doing their best to gain the skills required to make their businesses succeed.  Their businesses often fail because of what they don’t know, not what they do know.’

I developed the Profiling Survey to work within the limitations.

The program delivers a knowledge creation tool that reduces the cost and time it could take to gain the skills required.

Leanne’s real-world experience has included a 25+ year career in corporate, all levels of government, not for profit, National Trust and the Research Institute of Cultural Heritage projects, and a G8 university; where she is known for her creative solutions to complex risk challenges.

Having a eclectic career path that included dabbling in several of her own small businesses, Leanne has a wealth of invaluable, hands-on know-how in a diverse range of industries.

The variety of start-ups, including family businesses, she has developed, owned and managed include: food manufacturing, retail, and café; antique and vintage bridal import and export out of Europe; fine needlepoint and patchwork retail; and industrial architectural heritage.

With a Master Business Administration (Distinction), Bachelor Arts Cultural Heritage Majoring in Architecture (Distinction), Diploma Staff Nursing (Dental), Diploma Enrolled Nursing, studies in Fashion Design, and most recently a deep dive into Autism research, Leanne has never lost her appetite for learning and absorbing new knowledge on a wide variety of subjects.

Leanne also gives her time freely as a small business mentor and on risk management for not-for-profits; can’t spell to save herself; is a qualified soccer coach; was an extra for the ACDC movie Thunderstruck; tried and failed to learn 4 languages other than English; and has been a senior judge at the Perth Royal Show for 10+ years.

With a passion and drive to see start-ups and small businesses succeed in their chosen path, Leanne often challenges the status quo and publishes on a gamut of subjects.

Leanne’s high-level management expertise and eclectic background means that she can intuit and understand the unique needs of start-up and small businesses she works with.

Leanne's Key Achievements

  • Leanne’s manufacture, retail, and cooking school, In a Pickle, was an early entry into the gourmet food industry and selected by the Department of Agriculture to represent WA at the Asia Pacific Food Fair, Dubai 2005.
  • Candlewick Cottage (retail) hit the ground running and became a regional success story. To this day, the partners remain friends and share fond memories of their time together. 
  • Golden Pipeline Project Heritage Assessment, in which Leanne is attributed much of the success of a World Heritage listing, is an ongoing project of State, National and International significance.
  • Instrumental in the modelling of a unique and radical system for the part or full shutdown of complex sites in the case of a pandemic, warfare, and other incidents of mass impact. Thought to be the first of its kind in the world.
  • Designed Enterprise Risk Management Software with built-in analytics delivering corporate-level Risk Management for Small to Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) at the fraction of the cost, time, and knowledge required.
  • Led critical incident and disaster salvage of records of national and international significance. The processes that were developed at the time have since been adopted by Government Agencies.
  • Set up and inaugural Chair of many Risk Management, Business Continuity and Pandemic Watch Committees for companies, not-for-profits, G8 university, and government departments.
  • Co-developed a risk mitigation tool that was proven in a highly successful, live site isolation that comprised of 124 individual groups with high risk, high value assets. The exposure of $96M incurred a minimal loss of $16K.
  • Developed and implemented an Injury Management Policy and Procedure Project for 12,000 employees – manual, video, training and education package, and resources.
  • Winner SPUR scholarship 2018 – Curtin University’s Ignition Program to develop an innovative, cloud based, dangerous and complex site shutdown protocol with imbedded Geospatial Information Systems (GIS).
  • Developed and implemented the policy, procedures, and protocols for travellers to extreme high-risk destinations and/or conducting high risk activities.
  • Development of Asset Management Framework and all associated procedures for approximately 200 holdings of ageing infrastructure, including the development of a liquidation schedule for obsolete properties. 
Better business learning success stories
360insights.online Founder
Leanne Bicknell
Director of Innovation

Success Stories

Carly decided small business wasn’t for her and with the help of analysis conducted by Leanne she went on to do an MBA with Distinction and Master of Literature, where she found her home. She received a letter from the Head of School for her outstanding achievements and is now focusing on a career as an author.


“Thanks to Leanne for helping me see a world of opportunities that I never imagined . . . her guidance and support has allowed me to tackle many challenges, even failing, but the other side of failure is opportunity, and I have grown in courage and learned from my mistakes and triumphed.”

Carly Medley Business Owner


And as owner of The Hopeless Romantics, Leanne dealt with London, Paris and Amsterdam antique traders and the European export and Australian import industries. In the filming of ‘If mama ain’t happy, nobody’s happy’ a short film by Mea Dols de Jong about the iconic Laura Dols of Amsterdam, Laura attributed her international success in antique bridal to Leanne.


“I mention you often when people ask me how I got the idea of setting up The Wedding Atelier. You inspired me to set up a new store . . . and we are fully booked.”

Laura Dols Business Owner